EASTFIELD GROUP is a private equity group that operates in Slovakia, Russia and Eastern European countries. Main management company for Central Europe is the company EASTFIELD, Inc. based in Bratislava

EASTFIELD, Inc. includes commercial real estate projects – residential, office and retail spaces.

ELESKO TRADING is a modern professional company focused on distribution of the best wine brands. The company offers a broad brand portfolio of wines from around the world, all types of wines produced by ELESKO and selected brands of Slovak and Moravian wines, as well as other products inherently associated with wine.

In ELESKO Restaurant & Wine Bar you can taste the “ordinary” home- made food of extraordinary quality and, of course, wines produced by ELESKO. The restaurant offers a traditional Czech and Slovak cuisine. You can try home-made Slovak “pirogy” – ravioli stuffed with sheep’s cheese, or duck with traditional Slovak pancakes, potato galettes or unique Venison menu.

BALUNKY yard was founded in 1997 and inside you’ll find high-quality trophy mouflon, fallow and red deer. Highest quality Czech mouflon game was imported to the original mouflon game. Daniel game comes from Hungary hunting are Gúth, where the strongest Daniel trophy was caught. The original deer game was supplemented by quality individuals from Slovakia (Polana, Dolny Kubin) and Hungary.

ART – We connect artistry with all the senses. You can find exceptional pieces of art in the beautiful surroundings of the renovated Erdödy Palace (Zoya Gallery in Bratislava) and vineyards in the heart of the Small Carpathian region (Zoya Museum in Modra)

Xcell Slovakia is the only inseminating station assuring controlled reproduction of deer, fallow deer and mouflon in Europe! It is located in the Small Carpathian region near the city of Modra – Vištuk.

Property InvestmentEASTFIELD, a.s.
Wine production and distributionELESKO a ELESKO Trading
AgricultureLand Trading, a.s.


More information available on: www.eastfield.sk

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