Enjoying wine on special occasions? Giving wine on special days of your clients or loved ones? You have your own restaurant and want something original? We can make that happen. Our premium wines, known not only in Slovakia but also in the world can become a great personal gift with private etiquette


Thanks to your own label on the wine bottle, the wine becomes a personalized gift especially for a special day, celebration or event.


You can use private label as many restaurants. Your wine bottles will them look very original. We will process your personal label on the ELESKO label to your liking.


Privátna etiketa- vaše fľaše s vínom budú pôsobiť originálne, viac nájdete na
Červené víno ELESKO s privátnou etiketou
Biele víno ELESKO s privátnou etiketou

We focus not only on wedding etiquettes, but also special happenings of your friends and loved ones. This unique gift will definitely contribute to their unforgettable day.


If we inspired you, write to us on .Price tags ranging already from 30 cents a piece.
(Note. The label production process and its wine bottle placement may take up to 14-21 days)

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Pavol Mitošinka

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Quality wine is like art.
Experience remains in us…

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