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ELESKO Riesling "2" Polosladké D.S.C. Ročník 2015, viac nájdete na www.elesko.sk

Riesling “1” D.S.C. vintage 2015

ELESKO Dunaj D.S.C. barrique Ročník 2013, viac nájdete na www.elesko.sk

Dunaj D.S.C. vintage 2013

ELESKO Blanc de Noir Brut (Rulandské modré) Traditional Method, viac nájdete na www.elesko.sk

Blanc de Noir Brut  “TM”

ELESKO Tokaj Furmint polosuché D.S.C. Ročník 2013, viac nájdete na www.elesko.sk

Tokay Furmint semi-dry D.S.C.

ELESKO Wine Up White perlivý hroznový nápoj, viac nájdete na www.elesko.sk

Wine up white (grape drink)

Pinot Noir Rosé 2015 - suché víno - ELESKO - novinka

Pinot Noir Rosé „1“ vintage 2015

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy beautiful experiences with your friends, family or colleagues? Would you like to taste wine? Or desire to engage directly in the production of your own customized cuvée, or plan a special celebration and would like to celebrate it with a wine with your own label? Be inspired by our range of experiences in ELESKO!

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