The company ELESKO a.s. is a member of EASTFIELD GROUP, which operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Their projects concentrate on asset management, real estate and development sectors, small and medium-effective energetics, agriculture, manufacturing and distribution of wine, catering services and arts.

ELESKO produces its premium wine, strictly of its own production in Small Carpathian and Tokay area since the year 2009.
In ELESKO Restaurant & Wine Bar you can taste ordinary home dishes, made in extraordinary quality. While looking through a glass corridor you can see and learn about the whole process of wine production.
ELESKO Forest offers not only the possibility to farm and hunt game but also meat delicacies and venison, which has more vitamin A and iron, compared to pork, beef or chicken.
Zoya Museum is located in the beautiful wine-growing region in the foothills of Little Carpathians near Bratislava. It is part of a newly built modern winery - Elesko Wine Park, whose architecture was awarded the award- Building of the Year 2010.
EASTFIELD GROUP is a private equity group that operates in Slovakia, Russia and Eastern European countries. Main management company for Central Europe is the company EASTFIELD, Inc. based in Bratislava.
ELESKO TRADING is a modern professional company focused on distribution of the best wine brands of Slovak and Moravian wines, as well as other products inherently associated with wine.

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Quality wine is like art.
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