Teambuilding is an activity that re-unites the team. We offer you an unusual one. At the end you and your team will leave with your own wine – Cuvée. Cuvée is a word originating in French and refers to the wine, which was created by mixing two or more wines.

The result is a master piece- blending of wines.

How does this teambuilding work?
Clients go through a so called “path of knowledge” – that is wine tour with a detailed commentary on the technologies used. During this tour you taste the wine directly from the barrels and tanks, while the master winemaker explains the basics of Cuvée production.
There will be at least six samples of red wines available for you along with a complete analysis of wine. At the end, we will issue a certificate for blending vintage. The result is a cuvée – formulated in exactly the proportions of wines used in teambuilding –225 l,that is one barrique barrel (about 300 bottles). If you wish for more, it will always be a multiple of this amount.
The wine is stored in oak barrel in an oak hall with a table sign. By mutual agreement with technologist, the wine will be bottled (approximately six to twelve months after mixing cuvée). If you are interested, you can get together with colleagues or friends and bottle the wine under the guidance of our technologist so you can become a part of this beautiful experience.

Price of red wines cuvée

Minimum order is 300 bottles with 225 liters of wine
The total price is 3 900 EUR without VAT.

The price includes:

  • Coupage of wine with our technologist
  • Barrel rent and wine storage
  • Wine analysis
  • Bottles of 0.75 liters
  • Stopper
  • Supervising technologist
  • Bottling
  • Private label


Cuvée can serve as a gift for employees or for your clients. It would be a very stylish present since it would come with your own story.

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