There are many opportunities, throughout the year, when you want to present your loved ones, or your business partners. We have arranged a tempting offer of packages, that you can stack according to your needs and wants. You don´t have to present only wine. Our portfolio includes wide range of ELESKO Forest products- these include game specialties from deer, mouflon and daniel in a form of quality sausages and patés.

Package with visible window- box is from natural material. Inside there are wood shavings, bottle of wine according to your needs and wants and a game specialty- sausages, patés of ELESKO Forest production. General combination involves Premium wine (Pinot Gris, Pálava, Riesling) and one delicacy, including package, filling and a bow and costs 16,90 EUR without VAT and may be deducted from general tax.


Divinová delikatesa, klobása, ako súčasť balenia
foto delikatesy_4
foto delikatesy_3
forest delikatesy_5

If you wish to present wine, invest in packages tailored for special occasions.


One of the most popular packages is a wooden box for two wines, with wood shavings, which assure not only sympathetic appearance after  opening the wine box, but also supress possible bumps and impacts when transporting the wine. Box may be branded by ELESKO logo, or your own corporate logo or trademark. Details and possibilities may be consulted with our colleagues through:

drevený obal na dve fľaše vína vyplnený drevenými hoblinami
Drevený obal s logom ELESKO na šesť fliaš vína vyplnený drevenými hoblinami vhodný ako darčekové balenie na rôzne príležitosti počas celého roka
drevený obal s logom vyplnený hoblinami
ELESKO obal na 6 fliaš

Packages for non-standard bottle sizes: straw or ice wines

Nosič na vína s objemom 0,5l ( ELESKO Slamové)

If the recipient prefers rather sweet wines, we recommend you package that can fit three wine bottles with a volume of half a liter. From ELESKO production we normally fill these kinds of bottles with Straw wine or Ice wine, preferred mainly by gastronomes especially with sweet chocolate desserts and cakes. This quality wooden package has a glass wall in front. 

Whenever you want to give someone a present, we are here for you. If you need assistance, or already have your own idea of ​​the gift box, please contact us at We will do everything we can to keep you satisfied.


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