Gold awarded to Pálava and Veterlín on AWC Vienna 2016

This year, ELESKO won two gold medals on the AWC Competition in Vienna among 12 826 wines from 1866 producers.  Straw wine Pálava and a Super Premium wine Veterlin got the awards. Magazín Vinotéka wrote about these two wines and so we would like to share their description.

Pálava Straw wine

Very fresh, clean and refined aroma contains apart from sweet fruit notes, such as mango and citrus fruits, for example, lemon, and fresh herbal note with a hint of pine trees and inherent pink pepper. The aroma is complex, increasingly manifests tropical fruit and the fruitiest peach that you can imagine. It imports the candied citron. Very nice. The taste copies the aroma – mango, peach, lemon – bergamot. The balance of acid and sugar is a perfect. Long, extraordinarily smooth aftertaste. Wine gains meditative character.

Elesko Veterlín

Dark saturated colors present in ruby-red hue. Smell acts extraordinarily noble and mature. The complexity of fruit flavors supports the representation of cherries, plum jam, mulberries and breath of cranberries, the blend of aromas in the form of noble tobacco, and bitter chocolate. It operates incredibly fresh and juicy. Overall, the fragrance is one of the most elegant and most compelling. The taste is naturally compliments the fragrance. It operates as complex, aromatic and consists of fruit, which is dominated by plum dried or in a form of jam. It is complimented by Chocolate flavors, tobacco and whole black spices. The second phase involves easy juiciness and despite the tannins in the background, forming a solid skeleton and their performance can be described as silky smooth.

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