Inspired by the Three Riders Rock

The phrase three riders evokes something different in each of us. Someone might imagine the Prince from Cinderella and his two friends as they ride their horses through country. Another may reflect the rock that bears the name Three riders. We at ELESKO imagine a perfect combination of three varieties of wine combined in a wonderful master-blended cuvée. And much more.

Near the city of Modra, on the west slope of Great Homola, locates at a height of 687 meters a place with the prosaic name Three riders. It is a rock, which can be accessed by different routes and paths.
Three riders site consist of massive cliffs protruding steeply to the top of the Great Homola. Originally colored gray, sometimes to slightly gray-pink hues of the rocks are very popular by tourists.

Inspired by the rock

Technologists in ELESKO got inspired by the already mentioned rock Three riders when creating one of the most popular wine. It had several reasons. The first one was the proximity of the rock to ELESKO vineyards, located in Modra and near Vištuk in Fájdal. Second reason was the popularity of this place and the decision of technologists, to process cuvée from three varieties of wine. The third inspiration was the robustness of the cliffs, steep projecting upwards, which were meant to bring the wine called Three riders strength and success.

Master blending to the wonderful wine cuvée

In addition to ELESKO wine portfolio, there are two types of cuvée bearing the name Three riders. White and red. Three riders red cuvée  was created by the combination of varieties Merlot, Pinot Noir and Alibernet. Wines for its production matured in oak barrels and barrique barrels. From the varieties of Chardonnay, Pálava and Gewurztraminer arose a white cuvée, with very intense and harmonious taste. Both wines are demanded, valued and have become an integral part of ELESKO offer. Wine makers intent – to create a wine firm as a rock and solid as Three riders – worked well.

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