Open Wine Cellars Days 2016

With your friends, colleagues, or family. That is how the “groups” of people looked on this year´s fall open wine cellars. ELESKO did not want and could not miss it. Traditionally we have opened our cellars to the general public and showed our barrel and tank cellar. We include a short summary and photo documentation of this autumn celebrations of ELESKO premium wine.

Wine Celebrations

If we were to evaluate the wine celebrations and it´s taste during autumn days of open cellars in ELESKO Wine Park in Modra, we have to admit, that guests have once again assured us that it is worth it to produce quality wine of our own production. We have many fans

, who have traditionally came to us and there was plenty of room for wine tasting. At least that is what the majority of our guests have said. Wine lovers connect ELESKO wines with quality,they can rely on. That is why many of them have saved their coupons, that were part of their wine pass and left with bags full of wine, which served as a nice dessert to an evening  feast, or a gift for friends or business partners.


Most popular were Riesling, Pálava and Dunaj

Out of all the varieties that we offer, during the days of open wine cellars Riesling, Dunaj and Pálava were the most popular ones. They are also the most awarded wines of ELESKO Production. All varieties are processed as dry and semi-sweet. Everybody could then try them.Three Riders cuvée was also very demanded since it is from our Super Premium line. This cuvée is very successful especially when combined with game meat or with typical winter chocolate cakes.

 Traja jazdci

Participation record- Thank you

During these two days almost 2000 people have visited our cellars. That is one of the most participated events and we are very pleased to see that the interest in ELESKO wine is increasing. We therefore want to thank every one of you, who came to see our cellars, taste our wines and share your feelings. Feedback moves us forward. We are thankful for your affection and promise we will keep the standard high.




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