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St. Urban´s Open Cellars 2017

Wine tasting is passion. If you love to taste wine, open wine cellars bring a happy time period to your life. During these days, you can taste and compare different grape varieties  processed as wine.

On the last May weekend, we will traditionally welcome wine lovers in the wine cellars in ELESKO Wine Park in Modra. The open cellars day will start on Friday, May 26, 2017, at 14:00 and will be open also on Saturday from 12 o’clock. Both days till 21.00.

Wine tasting in ELESKO will provide three stations. Two of them will be in barrel cellars and one stop will be set up in the tank cellar. Each station will, of course, have a different wine composition.

Barrel cellar / Open cellar days May 2017


Chardonnay –  grape juice

Sauvignon 2016 –  quality wine, dry

Pinot Gris „1“  2015 – quality wine, dry

Pinot gris „2“ 2015 – quality wine, semi-dry

Petit Merle rosé „2“ 2016 – quality brand wine, semi-dry

Blaufränkisch„1“ 2013-  quality wine, red, dry

Dunaj 2015 „1“ –  quality wine, dry


Blaufränkisch rosé– grape juice

Pálava „1“ 2016 – quality wine, dry

Pálava „2“ 2016 – quality wine, semi-sweet

Gewurtztraminer 2015 „2“ –  quality wine, semi-dry

Blaufränkisch rosé 2016 „1“ – quality wine, dry

Zweigeltrebe 2012 – quality wine

Alibernet 2015 „1“ –  quality wine, dry



Riesling 2015 „1“ –quality wine, dry

Traja jazdci biele 2013 – quality brand wine, dry

Chardonnay MO edition  2013 – quality wine, dry

Blaufränkisch  2016 „2“ – quality wine, semi-sweet

Pinot Noir 2012 – quality wine, dry

Petit merle 2012 MO edition- quality wine, dry

ELESKO Restaurant has prepared a traditional and very popular menu – All you can eat. Visitors will also be able to taste and buy delicacies from ELESKO Forest. In case you would like to buy some wine, it will be possible at the entrance to ELESKO Wine Park for better logistics.

We believe we will meet personally with as many wine lovers as possible and we are looking forward to your visit. You are warmly welcome!

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