We are expanding. Founding new vineyards!

To the vineyards, which the company ELESKO previously founded and manages, will be added more hectares of vineyards, in the spring of 2017. The expansion takes place in Small Carpathian region near the village of Vištuk but also in the Tokay region Hony – Teplá stráň and Keska. 

Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon

Already in spring of 2017 we are preparing to plant about twenty hectares of new vineyards in the Small Carpathian region in Vištuk, near the city of Modra. There will be varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon. “As for the method of cultivation, we want to maintain the same one as we used for many years. It will be a 2.2 meter width between rows while preserving the distance of each seedling at a distance of eighty centimeters. As to the conduct of the vine, we decided for a so-called middle, “Rhine-Hessian “- says the main ELESKO agronomist, Soňa Bugáňová and adds: “After cultivation of tribes we consider to cut vine bushes to one eight-blossom campaign”.

Furmint and Lipovina will be added to Tokay area.

The Tokay region, where the company ELESKO currently owns and operates more than fifteen hectares of vineyards, is also prepared a new spring planting. “In Tokay, we decided to continue with traditional Tokay varieties on the other, nine hectares. Specifically, it will be a Furmint variety and Lipovina, which we have already proven to achieve exceptional quality of wines,” says the main agronomist and continues: “The new site was chosen very carefully in order to meet the highest demands on terroir.
We strongly believe that the new vineyard will bring another exceptional material for manufacturing of ELESKO premium Tokay wines. On Tokay we will combine our experience with the Rhine – Hesse leadership with a so-called Kordón cut with four two-eye suppositories. This cut is typical for Tokay region. It helps to achieve grapes of excellent quality, which later transform into exceptional quality wines. “

First crop already in three years

According to the statements, and the estimates of the agronomist, first harvest of new ELESKO plantings are expected after three years, since the establishment of vineyards. Thus, already in 2019 it will be possible to test their taste, aroma and quality. It is something to look forward to. We believe that wines from new wine regions will enrich ELESKO portfolio.  

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