Wedding wine

Did you get married? No? Not yet? All this awaits you. Wedding dress. Wedding bouquet. Wedding guests. Wedding feast. Wedding Invitations. Wedding gifts. Wedding suit. Wedding March. Wedding Favors. And? Wedding wine. The last-mentioned is very important. Because it will accompany the whole wedding day.

How to pick a wine for wedding?

It happens very often that the groom chooses the wine. He chooses by himself. However; at the wedding, depending on where it takes place,thewith different tastes. Many people, many tastes. Try to imagine for a moment that you love the driest dry wine. And you don´t drink hard alcohol. The wedding starts slightly after noon. The wine is semi-sweet or sweet. Or the other way around. That´s probably not the most tempting idea. Therefore, it is fine if the composition of wine appetites covers a wider range of varieties and types of wine.

Practical steps
Like everywhere else, even with planning and wedding wine choice you need to gather information and documents.I consulted these steps with our sommelier and produced this wedding tutorial:

  • How many wedding guests do you plan to invite?
  • How many of them are children?
  • Howe many of them are non-drinkers?
  • How many of them drink hard alcohol?

According to the result that will come out, the best way is to count with 2 bottles a person. Composition of white versus red wine is recommended at 70% / 30%. Of this amount, it is again wise to choose 70% dry and 30% semi- sweet.

In our country, it is tradition to receive wedding wine as a part of wedding favor. Wedding favors serve as a reminder of a wedding day especially with a wedding wine with your private label. We recommend to use red wine from ELESKO production, which tastes best after longer archiving (Dunaj, Alibernet), or white wine that matured in barrique barrels. You could always return to the wine after a few years. There is only hope that your marriage will mature, and gain taste, quality and aroma as good and well archived wine.

Martina Valachová

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