ELESKO is a place where you can enjoy beautiful experiences with your friends, family or colleagues. Would you like to taste wine? Or desire to engage directly in the production of your own customized cuvée, or plan a special celebration and would like to celebrate it with a wine with your own label? Be inspired by our range of experiences in ELESKO!

Within our service we conduct closed private wine tastings directly in one of the cellars of the most modern viniculture in Europe
ELESKO offers an unusual tembuilding. At the end you will receive your own cuvée. It will be unique. It will have its own story. Your story.
Our premium wines, for which we are known not only in Slovakia but also in the whole world, can become personal. Thanks to your own private label, the wine in the bottle will become a very personal gift, and it will guide your special day, celebration or event.

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Quality wine is like art.
Experience remains in us…

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