Our lives are fast and often unfold in the virtual world. Via mail, websites, social networks one does not enjoy life with its true flavors, aromas and emotion. Maybe you just need to discuss something with your team. Or share something new within the circle of your friends. Say it with wine. In fact, it is said that there is true in wine.


What is it that we offer?

Within our service we conduct closed private wine tastings directly in one of the cellars of the most modern viniculture in Europe. Our master winemaker will explain and introduce you to the secrets of wine and it´s production in Elesko Wine Park in Modra, next to our tanks, or oak barrels. Apart from wine, you can taste ELESKO Forest game specialties. In case you want to charm a visit from abroad, it is possible to arrange wine tasting in English.

Are you tempted to try this unforgettable experience? If yes, we will prepare an individual offer. Contact us at We are looking forward to your visit!


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Quality wine is like art.
Experience remains in us…

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