ELESKO produces its premium wine, strictly of its own production in Small Carpathian and Tokay area since the year 2009.  In one of the most modern wine parks in Middle Europe, we combine traditional approach with modern technologies.

“We do ordinary things extraordinarily well”

Elesko philosophy is also reflected at international and Slovak exhibitions and competitions where ELESKO wines are very successful and achieve the highest awards. Unique concept includes a gallery of modern arts and excellent restaurant with excellent gastronomy.


ELESKO winery is a unique project of investment group Eastfield. Individual levels of technologies include the latest technical and technological knowledge of modern grape processing and wine production. The whole philosophy of production is subject to the quality of the final product. In the winery we produce wines that are characterized by a high level of sensory composition with an emphasis on terroir of the site. This applies to the production of products in European dimension.

ELESKO je líder v technológiách a inováciách
ELESKO is a market leader in technology and innovation

Modern and innovative technological processes based on the most progressive park of machinery, plant and equipment from the best manufacturers of wine-production. For the management and control needs of finished products, company has purchased a comprehensive analyzer, suitable for assessing the chemical composition of musts and wines. All rooms in the factory are air-conditioned to ensure the exchange of fresh air, as well as the optimum and desired moisture.

A deliberate policy of construction and operation of the winery ELESKO respecting its scale, qualitative and innovative structures proves that this technology park does currently not have competition in Slovakia.

ELESKO wines ‘uniqueness lies primarily in combining different clones of selected varieties. Right combination of fruit with an elegant mineral, we achieve high quality and attractiveness of the wine, while said procedures help to balance the differences in individual years.


ELESKO can annually offer a balanced production without quality fluctuations. For most varieties there are 2-4 different planted clones, some of which are extremely rare and almost inaccessible for neighboring countries.


Guardian of the Wineries – ELESKO stone

Symbol and the guardian of ELESKO vineyards is a monumental travertine sculpture, named after the medieval Slovak castle guard. Blessed ELESKO vineyard is therefore guarded and protected by the stone in the shape of God’s eye. You will find it directly in the vineyards of the Little Carpathians near the village Vištuk (in the city of Modra).


ELESKO currently owns 110 hectares of new vineyards, which belong to one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. We use the most progressive and the most modern production techniques of cultivation of vineyards and grape processing in the area. When it comes to wine cultivation we try to comply with the soil, vegetation and animal species since we care about ecology and the environment.

The primary variety also includes a so called “Global” varieties such as Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Noir and Merlot. “Local” grape varieties also have their own representation such as Riesling, Lemberger, Zweigelt or Alibernet. We are often acknowledged for planting “new breed” of varieties Pálava and Dunaj (Danube) in Slovakia.



In Tokay wine region the company operates in the administrative area of Big and Small Tŕňa. ELESKO vineyards are part of the most famous Tokay hunt in Slovakia –Lastovičie. Following the tradition of the Tokay growing varieties, ELESKO planted about 15 hectares of vineyards
at the foot of the Zemplín Hills.

Zeta is a relatively new variety, which was bred in 1951. It origined by crossing Bouvier grapes with Furmint and provides a fragrant, harmonious, full wines with fine acids that wane with maturation. Zeta is prone to be attacked by botrytis, which in good weather allows the creation of raisins and improves the quality of the wine.

Note. Raisins are important for the production of Tokay selection (Tubes wine).

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